The Difference Between Willed and Invocative Healing


Entities, Exorcism, and Reiki


Removal and Loss of Reiki Energy


Reiki and Psychic Surgery


The Transmutation Process


Advanced Reiki Stacks


Advanced Crystal and Crystal Gridwork Use


The St. Michael Sword Technique


Sacred Geometric Shapes, and Reiki


Co-Creative Healing with Reiki, Devas, and Nature Forces


A Detailed Examination of The Reiki Hand Positions


1 st and 2 nd Degree Notes from a 1976 Class Taught by Ethyl Lombardi


Notes from a First Degree Class with Mrs. Takata

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Reiki is a powerful, system of healing that accesses the universal life force energy, which is capable of promoting healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.The Complete Guide to Reiki is one of the oldest and most established complete Reiki texts. Originally written in 1992 by world renowned master Jeffery A. Martin, it has been updated continually since that time. The book series is incredibly popular with masters around the world who use it in their classes.


Jeffery is well known as one of the first masters that worked to make Reiki more accessible and affordable. He has conducted research into all forms of Reiki, often studying with the people that originated its various branches and schools.


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The Complete Guide to Reiki


By Jeffery A. Martin

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Dr. Jeffery A. Martin is well known around the world as one of Reiki’s foremost Masters. In the early 1990′s, Jeffery founded The Institute for Reiki Studies which conducted an extensive variety of workshops, pioneered more accessible pricing structures, created some of the first distant learning courses to maximize Reiki’s accessibility, researched the history of Reiki’s various factions, and coordinated research from all around the world into the potential of Reiki.